Story of BigData

Use all available data around you to be better orientated in your business targets and strategy.

Why? Is this the question? For instance for better quality, better expectation fullfilment, better quality achievement, for the great opportunity to decide not on the base of your feelings and experience, but based on meaning and sense of data, you can use to get an answer.

The best you can do, is to read some stories.


Story Nr. 1.

In the 90ties, criminality in USA was an nightmare. Normal people get sucks with the numbers of criminal offences. Like a cable way to the Peak of Strbske Pleso was the criminality development pitch and nobody was knowing what to do with this.

US Govement was spending milions of dollars for sociological studies, analysis, financial analysis of economy loss to determine the causes of this criminality, but no success.

In 2005 somebody realised, that in 2003-2004 in New York state 2641 murders has happened. In 2005 only 562. How this can happened?

Steven Lewitt, economist, journalist, author of Freeconomics (, came to the rooth of this cause. For all of this was simply responsible women, called Norma Mc Corway. Public activist, which invented abortion by law. That means in actual fact, kids, pretended to be born in to problematic social conditions, were simply not born. Boom! And Lewitt comes to this in the way to analyse and compare structural demografical data with crime statistics!

So, this is BigData world! Data are all over us, we just have to used them in the good matter. Our team at Bonaza Data Digger is ready to use it for you! We wil tell you how the future will be. Just like this. Because, we understand the language and live of BigData.


Story Nr. 2.

What big Data can do more: for instance sent F1 car in to service box or get help to footbal players!


Story Nr. 3.

If Mr. Jan  Jánský, discoverer of blood groups and transfusion of blood, will be able to use SAP HANA Platform, his discovery process will take approximatelly 4 minutes!